Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question we have not answered on Terrabella® products here, contact us and will help you.

Can I Install Terrabella roofing panels over an old asphalt shingle roof?

Yes, Terrabella panels can be installed over existing shingle roofs. You must strip shingles from eaves, rakes/gable enough (aprox. 8in.) as to allow the Terrabella starter clip and rake/gable to be installed correctly. You must also remove the existing hip and ridge material in order to install the new one. Always check your local building code as most codes now allow no more than two layers of roofing before requiring a complete tear-off.


It is highly recommended to install a new layer of underlayment between the old shingle tiles and the new Terrabella panels (#30 felt or equivalent synthetic underlayment.)

Are there any Installation instructions or videos?

You can download the installation instructions for each of the Terrabella products on our website. Simply select the product you want to install on the main menu and click the download link on the bottom-left portion of the page.

What gauge of steel are the Terrabella panels made from?

Terrabella is made with corrosion resistant steel covered with Acrylum®, it is 0.40mm thick (Gauge 26).

Is Terrabella roofing system warranted?

Terrabella® offers a 50 year warranty. You may view our warranty on our website.

I have heard metal roofs make houses hotter, is this case with Terrabella?

No, Terrabella roofing system helps protect your home from extreme temperatures with its stone coating technology which improves the solar reflectance value of your roof.

Can you walk on the Terrabella roof?

Yes, the steel roofing system allows you to walk over it. Some caution must always be used while doing so.

Wouldn’t my roof be noisier in rain with a metallic roof?

No, the combination of stone-granules and glaze coating reduces sound from rain and hail a lot better than traditional metallic roofs. Additionally, the air space between the panels and the roofing structure reduces the sound even more.

Can I install ridge vents when I use your product?

Yes, you can install ridge vents in the same way you would on a conventional roof.

Will my roof fade and rust over time?

No, Terrabella roofing panels are made with real volcanic stones that will not fade with extreme temperatures or long periods of time. The color might change slightly when a considerable amount of dust has settled on it, in which case a quick wash with water will flush it off.

Terrabella panels are made with Acrylum, which prevents it from ever rusting. Its zinc coating even helps protect deep scratches on the panels.