Terrabella® Tile is a Stone Coated Steel Roofing System

Its innovative composition (stone coated steel) allows to combine the extraordinary characteristic of both elements: Resistance, Durability and a maintenance free roofing solution that stands up to severe environmental changes.

Unlike conventional roofs, Terrabella® is lightweight. It won´t crack, break, or change it´s appereance over the life of the roof. It´s pressure formed galvalum alloy coated steel provides superior corrosion resistance.

The acrylic bonded ceramic coated stone granules, protect the underlying material from water an allow the roof to achieve optimum UV resistance while offering an attractive, aesthetic product.

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“Am also impressed with the toughness and flexibility of the panels. The roof pitch is 4-12. Have had large hail and snow since the installation and am impressed with the performance. I would recommend this product to anyone.”

Gary Knutson
Wind Lake, Wisconsin


“Thanks for helping me with this process of generating the warranty certificate for our Terrabella roof. You and your team have offered excellent service. Again I compliment the professionalism of the crew that came to our residence to install the new roof. They have very high pride in their workmanship and the product they install. “

Nanc Glaser
Iowa, Chickasaw


“When it became apparent that I would need a third roof replacement in seventeen years time due to hail damage, I made the decision to get the Terrabella® Roof. I do not regret the choice… in truth, it has made my house warmer, with less effort from the furnace, and cooler during hot temperatures with the AC running less. This past 4th of July was the first time that I did not worry about some rogue fireworks landing on my roof and setting the asphalt on fire. Steel roofing ins´t as cheap as regular asphalt shingles, but it pays for itself in appearance, safety and lower utility bills in the long run.”



“We had the terrabella® roof put on both our home and garage and are very pleased with the results. Not only does the roof look great, but our home owner´s insurance rates were significantly reduced. “

Roger and Cathy

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